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Pontefract Academies Trust

Our School Governance Committee

Our school is operated by Pontefract Academies Trust.  For the Trust Governance Structure click here

The School Governance Committee (SGC) is a sub-committee of the Trust Board and has various responsibilities delegated to it through the Pontefract Academies Trust Governance Policy and Scheme of Delegation.

The School Governance Committee of Halfpenny Lane JI&N School from September 2017 is made up of:


Appointed By

Appointment Date

Term End Date/Date Stepped Down

Tim Craven (Chair) Trust Board 17/05/2017 16/05/2021
James Parkinson (ex-officio) Trust Board 01/09/2017 not applicable
Geraldine Lindley (ex-officio) Trust Board 24/04/2017 not applicable
Linsey Hodgett (Vice Chair) Trust Board 16/11/2015 15/11/2019
Ian Brown Trust Board 06/10/2017 05/10/2021
David Harrison  Trust Board  26/2/2018 25/2/2022
Christina Twist Parent Election 26/2/2018 25/2/2022
Amanda Small Parent Election  26/2/2018 25/2/2022
Former School Governors with office ended within the last 12 months
Jeff Allinson* Trust Board 17/05/2017 19/03/2018
Martyn Broom (ex-officio) Trust Board 01/08/2014 23/04/2017
John Parkin (ex-officio) Trust Board 01/09/2016 23/04/2017
David Watson Trust Board 14/05/2013 17/05/2017
Brendon Fletcher Trust Board 16/11/2015 07/03/2017
Andy Tagger Trust Board 01/04/2017 31/08/2017
Claire Westerman Trust Board 11/11/2013 31/08/2017
Inderjit Singh Trust Board 01/09/2011 01/01/2018

*Also a Pontefract Academies Trust Member and Trustee

Nominated School Governor Roles (from 7 September 2017)

Safeguarding and Vulnerable Learners Tim Craven
SEND and Inlusion Amanda Small
Attendance Linsey Hodgett
Curriculum Progress & Attainment David Harrison 
Early Years Christina Twist
Health & Safety Ian Brown
Finance & Restricted Grants Ian Brown
Pay Committee

Jeff Allinson (to 19/3/2018)

Linsey Hodgett

Amanda Small

Exclusions and Behaviour Committee

Jeff Allinson (to 19/3/2018)

Tim Craven

Linsey Hodgett